Exterior Finish

All New Elastomeric Coating for Exterior Doors

When wood is exposed to the elements without being properly finished it is subsequently compelled to endure extreme damage. This is a common problem in exterior doors. For this reason we have developed a wood finishing product that is not only durable but is nearly unaffected by the elements entirely.

Our special Element finish is unlike any other finish for exterior doors on the market today. It is specially designed to expand and contract with the natural fluctuations a wood door sustains due to various weather conditions. As a result common problems such as cracking and flaking that occur with other inferior finishes do not occur; leaving your door protected and intact.

The finish is a water base clear exterior grade elastomeric coating. It is warranted to last 5 years with the following requirements:

  1. Exterior surface must be waxed and polished every 3 months with Min-Wax or equivalent. Failure to do so voids warranty.
  2. Any cuts, holes or punctures that penetrate the finish voids warranty unless they are immediately repaired under the direction of McFarland Door. Do not cut into or drill into the door.

The main goal of this finish is to protect the doors against any damage caused as a result of finish failure. Any additional damage to any door as a result of causes other than finish failure is outlined under our standard 1 year warranty.

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Made in the USA